Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will I be met at the airport?

Pick up details will be arranged when making your reservation. Your pick up location will be determined by factors such as the airline you are flying, whether you have carry on or checked baggage and your personal preferences. In order to expedite your pick up, your driver will have your cell phone number. Please be sure to turn your phone on once you are off the plane. If you have any difficulty finding your driver please call us immediately. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT WITHOUT CONTACTING US. LEAVING THE AIRPORT WITHOUT CONTACTING US FOR ANY REASON WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR THE FULL FARE PLUS TOLLS, TAX, TIP AND ANY ADDITIONAL SURCHARGES.

What if my flight is delayed?

We always monitor flights with the airline so we know what your actual (as opposed to scheduled) arrival time will be. On those rare occasions when the airline misjudges the actual arrival time, the following waiting time policy will apply. For domestic flights 30 minutes waiting time is complimentary, for international flights 60 minutes waiting time is complimentary, thereafter waiting time is billed at the rate of one dollar per minute.

What if my plans change and I need to cancel my reservation?

Due to the scheduling and time constraints of our business, please be sure to cancel at least twelve hours before your scheduled pick up time to avoid cancellation charges. Cancellation within 12 hours before scheduled pick up time will result in a full charge equal to the cost of the trip plus a 20% service fee.

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